Thursday, February 01, 2007


I went back to Live Journal

To Anyone who stumbles on this and is still interested in my crazy life in Kampala Uganda, I moved back to Livejournal and I post there every single day.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Sorry for the lack of posts

Still been trying to sort out my situation. I don't think the job I had come back for is going to happen it seems their business isn't doing to well and the woman keeps giving me the run around. I am going to come back to Virginia if nothing happens around November 1st. I'm pretty frustrated with Uganda at this point. Still keeping busy and looking for other jobs, but it seems everything would require me to move to Gulu which I'm not wanting to do. I will try to post more frequently. I am going to another wedding tomorrow for an American girl and a Ugandan friend of Paul's.

I also got a room mate, Makayla, the other white girl in the wedding photo is living with me now which I'm very very happy about!

On a sadder note, Katie left Uganda Sunday. We threw her a big going away bash at our apartment. Great fun. Going to another going away party tonight. Maybe I'll post some party pics next time I am on the net for longer.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


fun weekend, unfun job situation

I went to a fun wedding this weekend for a friend of Paul's. Weddings work a lot differently here, aside from the introduction ceremony difference, which I wrote about before, the weddings are different in the way they are organized and financed. Instead of the father of the bride paying, the friends of the bride and groom organize groups, which compete with each other to see who can raise the most money. They have events called wedding meetings, usually at bars or restaurants and people to silly dares, stunts, and pledges to raise money, also a good excuse for Ugandans to have a "polite pint" or two as they say. In addition, at the weddings there are endless speaches by all the bride and grooms family and friends. It was kind of like a roast. Thankfully, this time in English. We left around midnight but everyone else probably stayed untill 5 ot 6 in the morning. Weddings, like all other nightlife in Uganda, run late. So here are some pictures. The location was beautiful. It was set at a resort that Paul's uncle owns called Ranch on the Lake, midway between Entebbe and Kampala, deep off the main road by lake Victoria.

Here is a picture of Paul when we first got to the wedding

A picture of the wedding as it got dark.

A picture of all of us before we left taken in my apartment by Meddy, and yes the rules are different here, it is acceptable to wear white to a wedding. The other two people in the picture are my friend Makayla, from Boston, and Paul's cousin Pasquali Don Bella, who just got back from doing university at Rutgers in Jersey.

On a less happy note, Victoria has told me I have to wait two more weeks, as of yesterday. I feel like she is not the type of person I want to work with, so I have started applying to other jobs. I have so far applied for a project officer position with

We shall see how that goes, and I have leads to go check out Unicef and USAID, If I don't start working or find something after another month I'm going to come home.

Friday, August 12, 2005


finally got to the web

Ok I have to apologize for taking so long to get another post up. I have just been busy trying to sort out my living and work situation. I have finally found a place. The flat I was staying in temporarily changed owner ship, an American friend of mine bought it and we were able to come to a very very reasonable price agreement so I could stay. Right now I have the whole 5 bedroom place to my self!

This is a shot of my living room

The building from the front, as you can see I am above a Danish restaurant and bar called La Fountain

Here is the view from my balcony onto an area called Kisimenti, as you can see I am walking distance from lots of grocery stores, restaurants, etc.. no internet cafe's though

Finally, the perks of living above a restaurant, I went out and bought a bunch of fresh fruit and this lovely waitress made it into juice for me using their blender. This mix was mango, orange, passion fruit, and bannana! They also made us fresh baked bread which was delicious,

Ok I know two of these pictures are not rotated but I didn't realize untill right now and I am sure as ... not going to upload them again with this slow internet connection.

As for my job situation, I haven't started yet, there have been delays. If things don't happen soon or work themselves out I may be back to the States sooner than I thought. I will keep everyone posted on my progress more often I promise!

Friday, July 29, 2005


house hunting

It seems like it has been so long since I last posted! I have been busy looking at flats and houses and meeting with brokers trying to find a place to live. The places Paul had found for me got snatched up before I could put money down on them. Since I arrived I have been staying in a shared 5 bedroom furnished flat above a restaurant called La Fountain in a really nice area called Kisiminti. My roommates have been 2 girls from Harvard doing research and an American guy I never ever see. Right now I am negotiating with the owner of the flat to lower the price enough so that I could stay longer and give me say over who rents the other rooms. If this works out it would be great since the place is already furnished.

I have also found two other decent places in Kansanga, one house and one kind of town house wich is connected to two other houses in one compound. The place I really wanted was in Ntinda, but I got out bid.

The whole process of looking for a house has been fairly frustrating. Not all brokers are created equally, and as a Tanzanian friend of mine said "the school of compentancy is not open to us all." I have told some people what I'm looking for only to have them try to show me something much larger and 4 times more expensive, or in a bad part of town I specifically said I couldn't live. One broker even climbed on a chair to get his pen out of a hole in the ceiling to take my number down because he didn't want people in his office to steal his pen. Without Paul helping me I don't know what I would have done, it would have been impossible. Regardless I should be making a decision and putting money down on a place by this Sunday! Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Safe and sound

Whoo hoo!! I got to Kampala safe and sound. It seemed like forever but I got in late last night around 1pm. I'm meeting with some real estate people today to see some of the places I may move into. I am currently staying in a nice room with a shared kitchen above a restaurant in Kisimenti, very nice, very cheap.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005



Right now I'm in my room at the Grand Hyatt in DC enjoying the wireless! I had a lovely day yesterday with the parents. We got to DC early, then I went to the Bang Salon and died my hair a warmer brown with subtle highlights, no more blond streaks in the front. Then mom and I hit up another salon for pedicures and manicures. Good times.

This day of girly beauty was really part of my whole week since as a going away present mom treated me to a body polish steam treatment and facial last week at Cloud Nine Day Spa. It was my first time in a spa, of course I loved it!

Later in the evening we got all dressed up and went to a restaurant Paul had recommended just 2 blocks from the hotel, called the The Oceanair. The food was amazing. I had a Maine flounder stuffed with crabmeat, shrimp, and brie cheese, with mashed potatoes, and a strawberry and goat cheese salad. The waitress found out it was a going away dinner for me and took it upon herself to increase her tip for the evening by bringing an unsolicited desert which happened to be a 12 inch tower of pistachio ice cream covered in marshmellow cream on top of a brownie. The marshmellow cream was lit on fire at our table to toast the outside layer and then covered in fudge sauce... yumm
I am getting so fat. Mom's nose turned red from all the wine! It was such a good night.

I am so excited to be going back to Uganda! I can't wait to get there.
by the way, I am now armpit hair free.. Don't know how I feel about it quite yet, a bit of regret at this point, but it will always grow back. I had it waxed off, my god, it hurt sooooo bad, and I have a high tolerance for pain. Ouch!

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