Saturday, July 16, 2005



I couldn't resist putting up more Tanzania pictures! I swear, that country has so much to see! Besides all the animals living in the crater, the Massai also live there and are allowed to herd in most areas.

Here are some Massai women standing next to a house they made themselves out of cow dung

Some young Massai boys on their circumcision sabaticle, when they return to the village they will become Massai warriors and will be allowed to start growing their hair long and learning the skills of the warriors.

Fred and Stephen look like they're having a great time, bonding together in front of our safari tent, notice the large mosquito net wrapped around Fred's giant head, ha ha ha

How 'bout them giraffes...

How 'bout them cows...

hey, don't laugh i have a hat and mesh screen like that. lovethe pix a lot. seems like i've seen them before on national geographic. Those lions could eat ya like the big polar bears could ;-)
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