Friday, July 29, 2005


house hunting

It seems like it has been so long since I last posted! I have been busy looking at flats and houses and meeting with brokers trying to find a place to live. The places Paul had found for me got snatched up before I could put money down on them. Since I arrived I have been staying in a shared 5 bedroom furnished flat above a restaurant called La Fountain in a really nice area called Kisiminti. My roommates have been 2 girls from Harvard doing research and an American guy I never ever see. Right now I am negotiating with the owner of the flat to lower the price enough so that I could stay longer and give me say over who rents the other rooms. If this works out it would be great since the place is already furnished.

I have also found two other decent places in Kansanga, one house and one kind of town house wich is connected to two other houses in one compound. The place I really wanted was in Ntinda, but I got out bid.

The whole process of looking for a house has been fairly frustrating. Not all brokers are created equally, and as a Tanzanian friend of mine said "the school of compentancy is not open to us all." I have told some people what I'm looking for only to have them try to show me something much larger and 4 times more expensive, or in a bad part of town I specifically said I couldn't live. One broker even climbed on a chair to get his pen out of a hole in the ceiling to take my number down because he didn't want people in his office to steal his pen. Without Paul helping me I don't know what I would have done, it would have been impossible. Regardless I should be making a decision and putting money down on a place by this Sunday! Wish me luck!

So, where are you? Why haven't we heard from you?
Kelly!!!! Your mom gave me the address to your blog so now I can follow your travels through Africa! Wa-pow!!!! I hope that you find a place and don't get reverse discriminated against. If you do then give me a call and we'll hire some savvy real estate junkies to come out there and bust heads on the highway. Sha-zam!!!!!!!!
Hey, you're cool and I'm staying on your path. Keep in touch. Much Love, Chrisi D.
Hey Kel!

How is it going? Your new blog looks fantastic! I am so jealous. How do you keep it up.... i get so lazy and i forget to do it. i too found livejournal to be a bit frustrating because of the pictures stuff. Pls gimme some hints on how to keep up on my blogs.

ashante sana!
All you guys are awesome! Chris it's soooo good to hear from you email me and let me know when you are leaving for spain, Mumbi! I hear you may or may not be coming back to TZ whats the deal?
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