Thursday, July 21, 2005


Safe and sound

Whoo hoo!! I got to Kampala safe and sound. It seemed like forever but I got in late last night around 1pm. I'm meeting with some real estate people today to see some of the places I may move into. I am currently staying in a nice room with a shared kitchen above a restaurant in Kisimenti, very nice, very cheap.

HELLO Kelly, I am a reader from Wisconsin, USA. I am glad you made it safely back to Kampala. I was able to find an email address for Deanna and Torsten so they already know they have a " blog follower". I have a penpal Ugandan who lives in Ggaba so I have been learning about that beautiful country from his viewpoint. Thank you for your honesty, wisdom and insight about your experiences there. I wish you well always. By the way Torsten has not been writing since his comments about the riots and teargas in the streets of Kampala. I hope he is ok. Take care. Linda
Your Blogger looks nice Kelly(newstyle), welcome back to kampala, we have missed you alot, it's my pleasure to see back, however it's so sunny over here and dusty,however Kelly it is absturd that i lost my phone, pliz just mail me for the updates on the groups.
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