Friday, August 12, 2005


finally got to the web

Ok I have to apologize for taking so long to get another post up. I have just been busy trying to sort out my living and work situation. I have finally found a place. The flat I was staying in temporarily changed owner ship, an American friend of mine bought it and we were able to come to a very very reasonable price agreement so I could stay. Right now I have the whole 5 bedroom place to my self!

This is a shot of my living room

The building from the front, as you can see I am above a Danish restaurant and bar called La Fountain

Here is the view from my balcony onto an area called Kisimenti, as you can see I am walking distance from lots of grocery stores, restaurants, etc.. no internet cafe's though

Finally, the perks of living above a restaurant, I went out and bought a bunch of fresh fruit and this lovely waitress made it into juice for me using their blender. This mix was mango, orange, passion fruit, and bannana! They also made us fresh baked bread which was delicious,

Ok I know two of these pictures are not rotated but I didn't realize untill right now and I am sure as ... not going to upload them again with this slow internet connection.

As for my job situation, I haven't started yet, there have been delays. If things don't happen soon or work themselves out I may be back to the States sooner than I thought. I will keep everyone posted on my progress more often I promise!

Finally! The flat looks beautiful, and the juice, oh so delicious! Hope to talk to you this weekend.
Love, Mom
Looks nice. Hope it's safe and secure -- and no all-night sing-a-longs nearby. (LOL) Hey, is that 'Fat Boys' across the street? Whoa... should'a known!

Take care!
. . . love, Dad
What a great looking place! We're having Log Cabin BBQ tonight for Fred's Bday. Be thinking about you. BTW, Christen made varsite cheers and Jen heads back to WM Tuesday.
Thanks for the pictures. Wish I could send some also.
Looks good to me...well, of course if the job isn't...we is! and would love to have you come rollin back in!!!!love ya,
Thanks everyone for your comments! A log cabin BBQ sounds great, and yes that is Fat Boyz across the street, the same American guy that owns Fat Boyz is also the owner of my place now.
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