Tuesday, August 23, 2005


fun weekend, unfun job situation

I went to a fun wedding this weekend for a friend of Paul's. Weddings work a lot differently here, aside from the introduction ceremony difference, which I wrote about before, the weddings are different in the way they are organized and financed. Instead of the father of the bride paying, the friends of the bride and groom organize groups, which compete with each other to see who can raise the most money. They have events called wedding meetings, usually at bars or restaurants and people to silly dares, stunts, and pledges to raise money, also a good excuse for Ugandans to have a "polite pint" or two as they say. In addition, at the weddings there are endless speaches by all the bride and grooms family and friends. It was kind of like a roast. Thankfully, this time in English. We left around midnight but everyone else probably stayed untill 5 ot 6 in the morning. Weddings, like all other nightlife in Uganda, run late. So here are some pictures. The location was beautiful. It was set at a resort that Paul's uncle owns called Ranch on the Lake, midway between Entebbe and Kampala, deep off the main road by lake Victoria.

Here is a picture of Paul when we first got to the wedding

A picture of the wedding as it got dark.

A picture of all of us before we left taken in my apartment by Meddy, and yes the rules are different here, it is acceptable to wear white to a wedding. The other two people in the picture are my friend Makayla, from Boston, and Paul's cousin Pasquali Don Bella, who just got back from doing university at Rutgers in Jersey.

On a less happy note, Victoria has told me I have to wait two more weeks, as of yesterday. I feel like she is not the type of person I want to work with, so I have started applying to other jobs. I have so far applied for a project officer position with

We shall see how that goes, and I have leads to go check out Unicef and USAID, If I don't start working or find something after another month I'm going to come home.

Great pictures! Here's a link to what the intl press is saying about Museveni and the Daily Monitor and radio KFM http://csmonitor.com/2005/0823/p07s02-woaf.html
Is the article accurate?
Keep your news coming to us! Aloha.
I think you are wise to give yourself a one month deadline. The right answer will materialize during that time!

Love from Richmond
Thanks for the advice. And yes that is correct about the article, corruption reigns as always.

See this link:

video production in Africa to preserve wildlife.

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