Friday, September 09, 2005


Sorry for the lack of posts

Still been trying to sort out my situation. I don't think the job I had come back for is going to happen it seems their business isn't doing to well and the woman keeps giving me the run around. I am going to come back to Virginia if nothing happens around November 1st. I'm pretty frustrated with Uganda at this point. Still keeping busy and looking for other jobs, but it seems everything would require me to move to Gulu which I'm not wanting to do. I will try to post more frequently. I am going to another wedding tomorrow for an American girl and a Ugandan friend of Paul's.

I also got a room mate, Makayla, the other white girl in the wedding photo is living with me now which I'm very very happy about!

On a sadder note, Katie left Uganda Sunday. We threw her a big going away bash at our apartment. Great fun. Going to another going away party tonight. Maybe I'll post some party pics next time I am on the net for longer.

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